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Thinking At Its Best

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Nilson, Linda B. Teaching At Its Best. 2nd Ed. Bolton, Massachusetts: Anker Publishing Company, 2003.


A text aimed primarily for use at college and university-level teaching, and more specifically, at the undergraduate level. It is meant to help everyone from beginning teaching assistants to full professors to meet the high standards of teaching excellence at these institutions. The book is a self-proclaimed “toolbox” for classroom and technologically-oriented teaching, containing teaching techniques, classroom and electronic exercises and activities, tips for how to enhance the rapport between instructors and students, suggestions for assignments and papers, and recommendations for more effective teaching in general. The text is broken up into five major sections which are organized according to the needs of the instructor:


Part 1: “Sound Preparations” concerns things that need to be done in advance before the class gets underway for the term.


Part 2: “Good Beginnings” discusses what to say and do on the first day of class, as well as how to set the tone of the class for the rest of the term.


Part 3: “Varieties of Learning and Teaching Styles” surveys the most effective teaching techniques at the college level. Most are supposed to appeal to a wide variety of learning styles.


Part 4: “Teaching Problem Solving for Today’s World” examines case-based and problem-based teaching which both offer opportunities to teach realistic and open-ended problem solving.


Part 5: “Assessment/Measuring Outcomes” looks at how to evaluate student learning as well as the effectiveness of the instructor.


Posted: Brandon Lee 12/18/08


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